The U.S. is a constitutional democracy. The decision making power is held primarily by the branches of government, judicial, legislative, and executive. The political institutions are very strong. The institutions play a check and balance in the decision-making process. The political divisions are apparent. The relationship between the political parties is a strained one. There are two major political parties: Democrats and Republicans. The public elects political candidates and votes on issues. Our client does not fit into the political power structure.


The United States is market-oriented economy. The level of economic development is really high; the United States economy is one of the most powerful in the world.  Most economic decision-making power comes from private individuals and business firms, and the federal and state governments buy needed goods and services from the private marketplace. The private sector is larger than the public sector. Our client fits into the private sector.

Mass Media

The mass media is highly developed in the United States. Television, Internet, magazines, newspapers, film, radio, and blogs.  There are some mass media outlets that are strongly correlated to the political power base. Fox News is known for being Republican/conservative. The relationship between mass media and economic power is a strong one; the mass media is a billion dollar industry. The medium most frequently used in the United States is the Internet. The media has a good credibility with the public. Our client will rely on the mass media for marketing and advertising purposes.


The United States has a highly developed economy and communication system. Roads and public transportation are reliable. It has developed and advanced technological capabilities that are reliable.

Legal structure

The “rule of law” is written. The relationship between the legal system and political power base is a good one. There are no specific legal codes that are applicable to our client’s communication activities. A legal advisor is suggested, but not necessary.

Social structure

The dominant religion is Christianity. The literacy rate in the United States is 99 percent.  The U.S. population is heterogeneous. The division of between the population comes from race and ethnicity. The United States population is 82 percent urban and 18 percent is rural.


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