The United Kingdom’s political structure is a constitutional monarchy and Commonwealth realm. The prime minister and cabinets hold the decision making power. The political institutions are very strong and the decision making process is mainly fulfilled by the prime minister, Cabinet, and House of Commons. The political parties in the United Kingdom are the conservatives, labor, and liberal democrats. The public participates in the election of the prime minister and House of Commons. Our client does not play a role in the political power structure.


The United Kingdom has a free economy market. Its economy is highly developed and also has one of the most globalized economies in the world. The economic power that the government holds are in large programs like those of aerospace engineering. The private sector is made up of services and ranges in fields. The relationship between the private and public sector is a good one. The fashion industry is a vital part of the economic in the United Kingdom; falls under the private sector of the economy.

Mass Media

The United Kingdom’s mass media is high developed. Television, radio, newspapers, magazines, film, and Internet are the different media outlets. The relationship between the mass media and the political power there are very prominent ties between political parties and mass media like newspapers. The mass media and economic power base have a strong relationship. The mass media has an important role in the economic sector as it generates large revenue. The medium most frequently used in the United Kingdom is television. The credibility that the media holds with the public is a good one. Our client would rely on the media for marketing purposes and campaigning.


The United Kingdom is a highly developed country. The level of communication is highly developed and reliable. The United Kingdom has an advanced metro system and sophisticated public transportation system. It has very advanced technological capabilities and are reliable.

Legal structure

The “rule of law” is written. There is a good relationship between the legal and political power base. The United Kingdom has strict regulations against product advertising that does not depict the product honestly. A legal advisor is not needed, but recommended.

Social structure

The dominant religion is Christianity. The general population has completed five or more years of school. About 99 percent of the population is literate. The United Kingdom is a homogeneous population. The division among the people comes from geographic locations. 80 percent of the United Kingdom population is urban.