Indian Designer Rahul Mishra Nabs the Spotlight with International Woolmark Prize

Sharon Feiereisen

February 21, 2014

The Fashion Spot

Summary: Rahul Mishra wins the International Woolmark Prize placing him in a high profile category of winners like, Yves Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld.

Relevance: Mishra will be selling his winning collection at high-end retailers like Saks Fifth Avenue; it is in the interest of our client to make it a priority to bring regional designers into Nordstrom Dubai.

For Dubai, fashion means business as it vies to be next trend-setting capital

By Associated Press

February 17, 2014

Summary:  Dubai is working towards becoming the next fashion capital.

Relevance: The acknowledgement and coverage that is coming from different sources, internationally and nationally, is a very good sign for our client and their business endeavors.

Nordstrom Rack To Open In Reno

Press Release

February 19, 2014

Summary: Nordstrom will be opening its first Nordstrom Rack in Reno, Nevada.

Relevance: There has been a lot of press around the closing of two branches, signaling that there may be financial issues. However, this shows otherwise there is growth and expansion happening in the company.

Dubai fashion retailer Iconic entering Qatar this year

By Waheed Abbas

February 16, 2014

Summary: Dubai retailer will be expanding to Qatar in the year 2014.

Relevance: The retailer has a strong presence in the UAE and they are experiencing opportunities to expand further. It is a great sign for our client that other large retailers in the UAE are able to expand into other markets near by.

Mall of the Emirates redeveloped Fashion District make space for more brands

By Sarah Algethami

February 17, 2014

Summary: There has been redevelopment in the Mall of Emirates to have more space for more brands. It is now in its second phase of redevelopment, which is projected to cost 1 billion Dh. The project is set to be completed in early 2015.

Relevance: Dubai is undergoing development and redevelopment of structures to accommodate growth the retail and fashion is experiencing. Again, great sign for our client’s expansion to Dubai.