Can Nordstrom cut its way out of a rut?

Daily Finance

Andrew Marder

February 11, 2014

Summary: The closing of two locations in January 2015 is creating uneasiness, though the company is experiencing growth in the Nordstrom Rack section.

Relevance: It is important that the company is more present in informing the general public that the closure of the two stores are not negatively impacting the company as a whole and employees from the closing stores are transferring to other Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack locations.

Sarah Jessica Parker Named Guest Editor for Nordstrom, Shares New Ads for Shoe Collection


Cinya Burton

February 13, 2014

Summary: Sarah Jessica Parker will be Guest Editor for Nordstrom’s blog The Thread.

Relevance: Nordstrom is receiving a lot of great feedback on the debut and partnership with Sarah Jessica Parker. It would be interesting to see if there are any changes in the perception of the company and its partnerships from customers to shareholders.

Dubai’s Furne One does New York Fashion Week

David Tusing

Gulf News

February 10, 2014

Summary: Dubai-based Filipino designer Furne One is making his New York Week debut.

Relevance: It is important highlight designers like One the company could have designers showcase collections excusively sold at Nordstrom giving Nordstrom an edge in a highly competitive market.

Dubai to host Chanel’s next cruise collection

Maria Pierides

Daily News

February 12, 2014

Summary: Karl Lagerfeld will be debuting the pre- spring/summer collection 2015 in Dubai.

Relevance: It is a good sign for our client if a company like Chanel chose Dubai as their debut destination. The fashion market is strong and thriving attracting high-end brands from all over the world.

Dubai Design District to make city the Middle East fashion hub

Saifur Rahman

Gulf News

June 8, 2013

Summary: New project will create new employment opportunities and help UAE fashion designers. (Building of new shopping center has not started yet, development and planning is ongoing. February 13, 2014)

Relevance: This new shopping center is an opportunity for our client to open a location in a center that is projected to place Dubai on the Middle East fashion map. It may be a better opportunity than opening in the current shopping strip in Dubai.