New York luxury fashion brand Marchesa comes to India

India Today

Radhika Bhalla

January 26, 2014

Summary: Marchesa will be launching a Spring/Summer collection in India making it one of the few American retailers entering the Indian fashion industry.

Relevance: It is extremely important that our client brings in big names such as Marchesa into the UAE market with other designers from the region, like India.


Dubai’s got talent: Emaar scouting for next-generation fashion designers

Emirates 24/7

Monday, January 27, 2014

Summary: Dubai Mall and Vogue Italia launch talent-scouting competition to find talented new designers.

Relevance: It would be interesting to see if the Dubai Mall, Vogue Italia would be interested in collaborating with Nordstrom Dubai in showcasing and selling the winner’s collection exclusively at Nordstrom.


Nordstrom Rack to Open First Store in Delaware

Press Release

Feb. 5, 2014

Summary: The first Nordstrom Rack will be opening in 2015 in Delaware.

Relevance: While our client has recently had to close two locations, there is growth in the company and it is important to make this known especially to shareholders and competitors.

Feeling groovy: Trendy British clothing chain to open a big new Galleria store

Culture Map: Houston

By Clifford Pugh

February 5, 2014

Summary: Top Shop is opening a store in Houston, Texas extending its presence in the American fashion industry.

Relevance: Top Shop is making a pronounced mark in the industry and is being successful in the market. The same idea of establishing and expanding abroad could be established, first Dubai then Abu Dhabi.


Dubai, Abu Dhabi Dubbed Middle East’s Fashion Capitals

February 6, 2014

Summary: Dubai and Abu Dhabi have made it onto the coveted list of most fashionable cities in the world.

Relevance: This is very a good sign for our client it means that while the two cities placed in the high 30’s on the list, there is room to growth. Nordstrom can make them more pronounced in the fashion world.