Nordstrom to Create East Coast Fulfillment Center in Lancaster County, Creating 369 New Jobs

Paul Smith

January 21, 2014

Summary: Nordstrom is opening a location for its east coast online fulfillment center in West Donegal Township, Pennsylvania.

Relevance: Nordstrom is showing strength amongst competitors, also bringing business and jobs to different regions of the country and abroad.

DDR Expands Partnership with Nordstrom Rack

Press Release

January 21, 2014

Summary: DDR will be opening two Nordstrom Rack locations in the fall of 2014 in Florida and South Carolina.

Relevance: Expansion in other sections of the Nordstrom company, internal and external growth.


Fashion Forward Dubai invites designers to spring show

Beckie Strum

December 27,2013

The Daily Star

Summary: Fashion Forward is a regional fashion week that serves as an opportunity for upcoming designers to showcase and sell their merchandise.

Relevance: These types of events are going be very important when our client is looking for regional designers and merchandise to bring into Nordstrom Dubai.


Another world’s first for Dubai: Burj Khalifa turns into vertical catwalk

Sneha May Francis

January 21, 2014

Summary: The world’s first vertical catwalk was “walked” in Dubai for the DSF Vertical Fashion Show.

Relevance: A lot of thought and originality goes into these types of production, which is highly appreciated by the fashion show goers. This is important to keep in mind when our client is thinking of ways to conduct advertising, as it will have to be something original and captivating.


GAUDÌ Arrives With A High Style Quotient in the Middle East!
January 21, 2014

Press Release

Summary: Italian high-end retailer GAUDÌ is opening a store in the Dubai Mall in February.

Relevance: The Italian retailer will be a competitor for our client and it will be important to watch the way in which they make their presence known in Dubai.