“Best Buy, Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom Let Shoppers Bargain”

By Richard Davies

ABC News

Dec. 16, 2013


Summary: Retailers are matching their competitors’ low prices in store and online.

Relevance: Excellent customer service is a trademark of Nordstrom and it is important to keep this trait alive when venturing out overseas. The customers expect the same level of service from the company anywhere they go.

“India’s fashion industry faces challenges to go global”

By Nidhi Dutt

Business Report, BBC World, Mumbai

March 22, 2011


Summary: India’s fashion industries is blooming and is thriving internally, but are facing challenges in bringing in foreign markets.

Relevance: The location in Dubai would be a great place to bring designers from different countries such as India and others to showcase their collections. Nordstrom Dubai could potentially could turn into carrying exclusive clothing collections from varies designers.

“Italy fashion industry back to growth in 2014- trade bodies”

By Isla Binnie and Tom Heneghan

January 10, 2014


Summary: Italian fashion has faced trouble in the recent years, but is on the rise again. Experts are predicting an increase in men’s fashion, which was one of the most affected in recent years.

Relevance: Bringing Italian men’s fashion to Dubai could be beneficial. Italian designers are known for the work in suit, leather goods, and shoes these could be showcased exclusively at the Dubai location

“Make it beautiful: how the fashion industry is giving tech a hand”

By Valentina Palladino

January 9, 2014 10:00 am


Summary: The fashion industry has partnered with the technology field and plans to revolutionize jewelry. The combination of carefully crafted jewelry pieces and technology advances are making for unique wearable pieces.

Relevance: It would be of importance to bring this up to the client in a meeting of possibly carrying these items, as some will be limited. Also keeping the technology advances in mind when thinking of the construction and functions of Nordstrom Dubai.

“Sheikh Majed’s The Fragrance Kitchen Now Available Exclusively at Bloomingdale’s-Dubai

By Rebecca Anne Proctor

January 6, 2014 6:33


Summary: A popular fragrance designer from Dubai has an exclusive unisex perfume with Bloomingdale’s.

Relevance: The importance of bringing in local designers and craftsmen is going to be important for the success of the Dubai store, especially if the store can carry items that customers cannot find anywhere else.